CEMEDIPP (Psychological and Educational MEdical CEnter) is a nongovernmental organization established in 1998 in Beirut.

Three centers exist in Lebanon: Beirut, Sidon and Hazmieh. A new facility opened in 2016 in Dubai.


CEMEDIPP objectives are:

• Screening, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of children under 12 years of age with developmental disorders or disabilities or sensory, motor or mental disabilities, by our team of professionals.

• Supporting families from child's birth or as soon as a disability is suspected to ensure full cooperation in treatment and rehabilitation actions.

• Establishing an individualized project for the child considering his disorder or disability, condition and its development capacity with support from specialists and in collaboration with the family.


A growing demand

Following the success of the symposium organized on March 22nd  2014 in collaboration with the consulates of Lebanon and France and with the support of the Fondation « Jérôme Lejeune » in Dubai, the Board of Directors of CEMEDIPP created a new center in Dubai (in the United Arab Emirates). This institution is dedicated to the care and therapy provided to children from 0 to 12 and teenagers from 12 to 15 who have disabilities or learning disorders, speech and development difficulties at various levels, requiring a multidisciplinary approach.

This new location in Dubai meets the needs of facilities specialized in detection, diagnosis and treatment of children under 12 years suffering from sensory, psycho or psychomotor difficulties or disorders. To carry out this project, the CEMEDIPP also benefits from the wide notoriety gained in Lebanon since its creation.